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Sway Bar Mod

No, this isn't an engine mod. If you have lowered your car with lowering springs, remove the front sway bar. Honda puts a huge front sway bar on the cars to prevent over steer, so millions of old ladies with no idea of how to control a sideways car won't wreck and sue Honda. The sway bar dramatically stiffens up the front end which reduces front wheel traction(ie. steering). More front traction means more steering. If you have more steering you can go faster into corners and still have the ability to turn. SO basically, your car will handle a ton better. On a stock car this also helps reduce body roll, that why I recommend that you do it to a lowered car which has significantly less body roll than a stock height car. I removed the sway bar on a friend's stock height 94 Prelude and it had so much body roll it was scary at times. The car was a lot more unstable at high speeds also. However on my car(which had race springs) and Chris's 90Si (which has lowering springs/struts) the handling was improved a ton. So if you lowered your car, take the front sway bar and all the hardware off and throw it in a corner of your garage. Then take your car to an open track event or autocross and rail on it around a few corners and if you know how to drive, you will see a difference, big time. You have to push the car to it's limit to notice the difference. If you're a wuss and you don't push the car you won't notice anything. I took mine off and never put if back on. Around low speed sharp corners I've had my 92 totally sideways before, that's how much steering it has. To remove the sway bar you need to jack up the car, put it on jack stands and remove both front wheels. There are two 12mm bolts attaching the mounts to the car, then there are two 12mm nuts attaching the sway bar to the front suspension. There won't be any tension on the bar and it pulls out over the exhaust down pipe.

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