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Prelude Rotor Install

These are the step-by-step instructions to installing rotors either aftermarket or OEM on your honda prelude.

I bought the Power Slot Rotors on sale for $80 each w/ free shipping

I bought the Power Stop Pads at Pep Boys Auto for $20

1. Remove the Wheel

2. Remove one Caliper bolt and swing the caliper up
(Bolts on outer section pictured)

3. Remove the pads from the caliper

4. Remove the mounting bracket for the brake line on arm
(allows for more caliper movement)

5. Remove the large bolts behind the caliper assembly
(Bolts on inner section pictured)

6. Remove entire assembly and rest on lower control between calipers.
(prevent the brake line from being stressed)
(Pictured in upper right corner)

7. Use a Impact Wrench with philips head #2 to remove the 2 philips screws 8. Remove the Rotor... may be difficult.. bang with hammer several times to loosen

Check the rotor for abnormal wear.. as seen above.. deep grooves in rotor wall.

Hub should now look like picture below without rotor

9. Install new rotor as seen in picuture Power Slot Rotors
(Pay Special attention to the Right or Left Rotor.. important in slotted rotors)
right rotor goes on passenger side and left rotor goes on drivers side

10. Slide new rotor on and place 2 screws back in. hit only once with impact wrench

11. compress piston back into cylinder wall

12. Put retainer & caliper back on rotor (rotor swung up)

13. slide new power stop pads, NEVER REUSE PADS, in grooves on retainer

14. Slide the calipers over the pads and bolt down.

15. Put wheel back on

That should be it...   Enjoy!

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