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Injector Mod

A while back when I first got my car, I was fiddling around trying to find all the stock parts I could modify for little or no money. I took out my injectors to see if there was a way to modify them and indeed there was. I was looking for something internal, but I found something a little easier. There is a small filter located in the top of the injector that's supposed to filter out any last little particles that could get inside the engine. Well I wanted an extra edge so I removed the filters to get a few extra cc's of fuel. The filter is an orange cylinder with three "sides", each side having a small screen which acts as a filter. So take the cylinder filter out of the injector(just lifts out) and get a razor and cut out the small screens. It sounds complicated, but once you remove the injector you will see how it works and what the screen looks like. But isn't this a stupid idea?? Sure, it sounds like one. However, I removed the injectors when my car has 65,000 miles and there were NO particles or any kind of debris in the injector filters. I figured that I will take the chance because the car went so long and the filters were still brand new and if something did happen(the worst thing that can happen is a small particle getting into the injector and partially clogging the flow, if that. gasoline will dissipate just about anything), I could use it as an excuse to get the injectors blueprinted. Well I drove the car for another 50,000 miles with no problems at all. I ran a bottle of injector cleaner through the tank every few months which might have helped, but it was more of a superstitious thing. I then sent the injectors out to RC Engineering to get blueprinted (something I had planned on doing anyway's) and they said the injectors were clean as a whistle. So if you want some extra fuel, remove the injector filters. I did it and had no problems whatsoever. To remove the injectors you will have to remove the 3, 10mm nuts holding down the fuel rail. Lift up the fuel rail and you'll see the injectors and the orange filters located on top of them. The filters lift out and you can begin modification. As it turns out, several of the major Honda tuners in the Phoenix area have been doing this mod with turbo charged cars to get extra fuel flow. I know of 4-5 cars that have done this and no problems have been reported.

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