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Dust Shield Mod

1. Remove your front wheels.

2. Remove the front calipers and rotors.

3. There are a few phillips head screws holding the dust shields on, take out these screws. Now however you can(might take a dremel or a hacksaw), cut the dust shield so you can remove it.

4. Take the dust shields and throw them in the trash can.

With the wheel on, the dust shield not only shields dust away, but it also blocks off all the airflow to the brakes from inside the wheel and wheel well. Yes, it might be a good thing if you drive through sand(even most Pro Rally cars have the dust shields removed!) all day, dust shields are worthless. Try to stay out of puddles if they are heated to prevent warping. Get more air to those brakes, remove those dust shields!

Page Modified: June 24, 2007
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